After Kalie from our lab and Vicky from the other team downstairs have given birth last year, in the beginning of this year Vera has also given her contribution in the expanding of our small intellectual colony. On the January 15th she has given birth of her first child – a wonderful boy, named Emil. With so many babies around we are now officially in log phase of our multiplication curve. 😉

We would like to wish the young mother to raise her child primary as a good person and a responsible member of our society, and no matter if he’ s going to choose his mother’s occupation for his own to train him in the main principles of science in the search of the objective truth.

And to the child we would like to wish him careless, pure childhood of funny games and adventures and last but not least a strong and potent immune system that could face every possible thread so he (and his mother) would spend less time fighting diseases and more in world exploration!

Once more, congratulation to Vera and Joro! We are all with you in your great joy and will continue to support you in every way we can!

Best Wishes from the whole Team (including the members that are currently abroad)