After many sleepless nights and some hundreds kilometers in organizing raids around the city IT’S DONE!!! We have officially submitted all our new project suggestions.
It put a lot of pressure to the whole team as working on as much as 5 projects simultaneously was really intensive and at some point in the last two weeks this even forced us to discontinue all our research activities. We all hope it worth it! 😉

Here are some photos from the process of the final preparation of the required documents:

We would like to officially pay a tribute to the organizers of this year’s Scientific Project Session from the National Fund of Scientific Research for markedly increased quality of service, handling and organizing the admission of the projects. Either way we would like to kindly suggest the National Scientific Fund in the interest of the raising self awareness of the humanity for the devastating consequences of our carbon footprint to somehow limit the amount of the required printed materials. In any other way this year’s campaign was much better organized than the ones from previous years. Lets hope this positive tendency will also guarantee better possibilities for professional realization of young scientists in Bulgaria and higher quality scientific products stemming from it.
We would like to wish a bit of luck to all our collaborators, partners and friends from the academia but we would also like to believe that the outcome of this year’s “competition” is not going to be determined by luck really but by the true scientific value of the submitted works.

With more than 2000 projects registered this year’s competition is expected to be FIERCE. We keep our fingers crossed and are looking forward for the results in the next few months. We’ll keep you in touch!