Yesterday (June 26th) was a big evening for the Bulgarian science community – the evening of the annual Scientific awards “Pythagoras” for great achievements in the field of science. The ceremony was held in the Sheraton Hotel, Sofia. And this year’s winners has been announced… and what it turns out? The Boss got the “Pythagoras” award for “proven scientist in the field of Biomedical Sciences”!!! Yuhuuuuu! Congratulations!!! This is yet another acknowledgement of the scientific and social value of the work and achievements of our laboratory and represents a great success for the whole team. And of course an amazing personal achievement of the team leader prof. Andrey Tchorbanov.

The next morning our boss even took part in a public press discussion at the national television BNT1 (link to the discussion – BG only).  And another Interview in

For the forth year in a row the Ministry of education, youth and science organizes the awarding of the highest scientific prices “Pythagoras” in seven categories – for significant contribution for the development of science in Bulgaria. The big award for “successful international project leader” goes to prof. Ovanes Makenyan, supervisor of the laboratory of mathematical chemistry at the “Asen Zlatarov” University in Burgas, Bulgaria. The award was granted personally by the minister of youth and science Sergey Ignatov who was the host of the solemn ceremony. The other big “Pythagoras” price in the “successful young scientist” category was awarded to Ekaterina Borisova, again for general contribution in the field of natural sciences and mathematics. She is 34 years old and is nominated for the award from the Institute of Electronics, BAS.

Awards were given also to other scientists – to corr.member Chavdar Rumenin for technical sciences; to prof. Nikolay Vitanov from the Physics Faculty of the Sofia University for the category “natural sciences and mathematics”; to prof. Dimitur Popov from History Faculty of Sofia University for social and humanities. The last price for “the best scientific team with the most applied inventions in business” went to prof. Dimitrina Ilchovska – director of the Corn Institute in Kneja.


In total there were collectively 115 nominations for all the categories. Deputies, the current and the ex president of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences – akad. Stefan Dodunekov and akad. Nikola Subotinov, scientists and teachers attended the ceremony.