Andrey Tchorbanov

Professor, PhD

Birth date: 1 June 1967 In the lab since: 1999 Secondary interests: Allergies; cell signaling; natural antibodies Hobbies: Art photography, poetry, football

1987-1992 – Student of Biotechnology at the “St. Kliment Ochridsky” University of Sofia

1992 – MS degree in gene and cell engineering with the thesis “Analysis of the Poliovirus genome using recombinant DNA techniques”

1993 – International Course “Techniques in Molecular Biology”, Institute “Pasteur, Bucharest, Romania

1995 – The Fourth Central European Summer School of Immunology”, Prague, Czech Republic

2000 – Course “Self tolerance and self recognition”, Sinaia, Romania

2002 – Defended Ph.D. thesis “Engineered and genetically engineered chimeric molecules as antigens”

2007-present – Personal Investigator at the Laboratory of Experimental Immunology in the Institute of Microbiology at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

2014-present – 
Co-president of the Department of Immunology at the Union of Scientists in Bulgaria, official EFIS affiliated organization in Bulgaria

1992-1998: Staff Scientist, Research and Development Group, Department for Bacterial Vaccines, National Center of Infectious and Parasitic Diseases, Sofia.

1.Improvement of semisynthetic media for cultivation of C.diphtheria in a fermentor.

2.Isolation, purification and standardization of diphtheria toxins and toxoids, obtained after cultivation using different types of media.

  1. Investigation of theimmunochemical,chemical and physical methods for the control and analysis of polybacterial immunostimulators.

1996-1997: Visiting scientist, Laboratory “Experimental immunology”, University of Utrecht, Holland , Copernicus Contract CIPA CT 94-0152 “Genetically Engineered Vaccines”

1999-up to now: Research fellow in the Department of Immunology, The Stefan Angelov Institute of Microbiology, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria – “Isolation and characterization of natural autoantibodies in healthy individuals” and “Engineered and genetically engineered chimeric molecules as antigens

03-06.2003: Visiting scientist, Graduate Institute of Clinical Medicine, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan, “Reestablishing tolerance to DNA in murine models of lupus”

2004 – 2010Visiting scientist, Department of Immunology, Eotvos University, Budapest, Hungary, “Human models of lupus” and“DNA vaccine therapy”

2009: Associate Professor in the Department of Immunology, Institute of Microbiology, BAS.

2011: Visiting Professor – University of Nis, Serbia.

Autoimmune disorders: SLE

Protein and genetic engineering: Chimeric molecules and constructs

New vaccine design: adjuvants and DNA-vaccines

Animal models of human diseases