Here we would like to include a list of people, labs, institutions and private entities we’ve been collaborating with in the past or are in active collaboration on our currently ongoing projects and ventures. We would like to address a special gratitude toward all of those for their consistent efforts in supporting our research goals and their continuous support through the years.

Direction “Immunoinformatics” – Lab “In silico methods and bioinformatics”, Department of Chemistry, Pharmacy School, Medical University of Sofia. Direction “Immunoinformatics”. The in silico lab was established in the 80s initially as a Quantitative Structure – Activity Relationships (QSAR) Lab. Over the time, 2 student labs and 3 offices were equipped with modern PCs and software for molecular modeling, in silico analysis and bioinformatics. The lab supervisor Prof. Irini Doytchinova has experience in immunogenicity prediction of protein antigens and allergens and MHC/ peptide binding studies. She has over 80 papers, with more than 1300 citations, total IF over 300 and h-index 23

Laboratory of Molecular Immunology, Department of Biochemistry, Sofia University:

Expertise: Molecular mechanisms underlying human C1q functioning as a bridging molecule in mechanisms disposing of apoptotic blebs in health and as an auto-antigen targeted by the autoantibodies in the course of human autoimmune diseases like systemic lupus erythematosus in respect to its globular head regions. The laboratory supervisor Assoc. Prof. Ivanka Tsacheva, PhD is a lecturer in bachelor (Basic Immunology) and master (Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Immune Response; Immunobiotechnologies) programs at the Faculty of Biology, Sofia University. Her research field is functional activity and disease implementation of human C1q and its globular domains.

BulBio Ltd

Expertise: Production of biopreparations for the prophylaxis and diagnostics of the infectious and parasitic diseases and a large number of diagnostic preparations.BulBio Ltd was approved by Lloyds’s Register Quality Assurance as complying to the standard ISO 9001:2000 (certificate No. 368990) and is certified by the Bulgarian Drug Agency (the License of Manufacture No. I-65) for the compliance of the production to the Bulgarian Regulation on Good Manufacture Practice in agreement with the European Union Rules. BulBio Ltd is a member of the Association of Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Manufactures.

Introduction of novel quality control methods, that are expected to be involved in the European Pharmacopoeia requirements in the near future (e.g the monocyte activation test that will soon replace rabbit tests for measuring pyrogenicity) and developing new therapeutic blood protein preparations (use of IgA and IgM-containing polled human plasma fractions that are discarded at present).