Insight into the laboratory mainroom

The labrooms of the Laboratory of Experimental Immunology (LEI-BAS) are well equipped to carry out all the conventional molecular immunology labwork.  The available equipment includes:

  • Centrifuges, thermal water baths
  • Protein electrophoresis and blotting system (Mini-PROTEAN®, BioRad)
  • DNA electrophoresis system and UV illuminator
  • ELISA reader
  • ELISPOT automated reader (Immunospot)
  • UV/VIS spectrophotometer
  • Nanodrop UV-spectrophotometer (Quawell)
  • Modern visible light and fluorescent microscopes
  • Ultra-pure water system
  • Shuttles and a shake-incubator (Heidolph)
  • Different chromatography systems

All types of immunochemical analysis, including 2-dimensional (protein and DNA) gel electrophoresis, Western blot and different methods of protein isolation, purification, identification and engineering are performed.

The laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art BD LSR II flow cytometer, equipped with 4 lasers (red, blue, violet and UV) giving the possibility for the researcher to work with as many as 18 different fluorescent colors simultaneously. These options and the experienced operators gives us almost unlimited capabilities in cell marker research so that the object of investigation is limited only by the researcher’s imagination.

We also have 2 clean laminar cabinets (class II) with HEPA filter system, a CO2  incubator and all the tools required for cell research. We maintain a vast collection of cell lines (including different hybridomas, tumor lines, etc.)  cryopreserved in liquid nitrogen stocks.

The laboratory occupies 180 sq. mеtres of bench space which includes 12 full size benches and is equipped with refrigerators, – 80 ºC freezers and desks. There is a cell culture room with a positive pressure filtered air housing the laminar flow hood and the CO2 incubator.

We also posses a barrier-type SPF animal house with a temperature control and HEPA-filter clean air system. Nowadays in-vitro level of studies are insufficient in establishing the real mechanisms working in nature and passing to in-vivo level of studies is absolutely vital. That’s why the animal house is the core facility in our lab. It is capable of housing many different mouse strains including immunodeficient SCID mice. In our strain collection we have immunodeficient SCID and NSG mice and other mouse strains (BALB/C, MRL/lpr, C57BL/6, NOD/ShiLtJ, Zbtb20 KO). All the animals are kept in strict control conditions with very expеrienced personnel taking care for them. For security reasons of evading any chance for contamination in the facility we autoclave the cages, food, water, tools and everything used inside the clean chamber where the mice are kept. More details on the mouse strains in our animal house you can find HERE.

In our work our team is trained to follow the main GLP (good laboratory practice) principles. We are having well established relations with reputable local medical institutions and we often use their qualified advices when clinical evaluation of results is needed.