1. DH03/11 NFSI – Bulgaria “Suppression of autoreactive B and T cells by protein chimeric molecules in humanized SCID models of Autoimmune Diabetes Mellitus“ 2016-2020; Project leader A. Tchorbanov;
  2. DH01/9 NFSI – Bulgaria “Analysis of new physiologically active binding sites of human C1q“ 2016-2019; Project leader I. Tsacheva; project leader for IM-BAS A. Tchorbanov;
  3. Program of BAS for young scientist support № DFNP-17-20 „Suppression of antigen-specific B lymphocytes by protein engineered molecules in reactions of hypersensitivity” 2017 – 2019; Project leader A. Tchorbanov;
  4. Н17/40 NFSI – Bulgaria “Multiplex Detection of Bacterial Toxins Using a Magnetic nanoparticle-Immunoassay Technology” 2017–2020; Project leader T. Godjevurgova; project leader for IM-BAS A. Tchorbanov;
  5. Н11/55 NFSI – Bulgaria “Suppression of autoimmune disease development by epigenetic modifications of genome in mouse models of systemic lupus” 2017–2020; Project leader K. Nikolova-Ganeva;
  6. DH19/6 NFSI – Bulgaria “Novel approach for cancer treatment by epitope-specific tumor inhibition” 2017–2020; Project leader K. Idakieva; project leader for IM-BAS A. Tchorbanov;
  7. Bulgarian – Slovak (BAS – Slovak Academy of Science) international joined project “Anti-inflammatory effect of astaxanthin, sulforaphane and Crocus sativus extract evaluated in two rodent models of age related diseases” 2018-2020; Project leader A. Tchorbanov
  8. BAS-Medical University Sofia joined project – “Investigation of oogenesis quality in lupus-prone MRL/lpr mice“; 2018–2019; Project leader S. Delimitreva; Project leader for IM-BAS Tchorbanov.
  9. Bulgarian – Azerbaijan (BAS – Azerbaijan National Academy of Science) international joined project “Suppression of age-associated diseases by plant-derived substances in murine model of osteoarthrosis” 2018-2020; Project leader A. Tchorbanov
  10. BAS – Repro Inova joined project “Experimental model of reproduction under SPF (Specific pathogen free) conditions” 2017-2019; Project leader A. Tchorbanov
  11. Science and Education for Smart growth Operational Programme grant – Creation and Development of Centers of Competence – „Fundamental, Translational and Clinical Investigations of Infections and Infectious Immunology“; BG05M2ОP001-1.002-0001; 2018–2023. Project coordinator for IM-BAS Tchorbanov.
  12. Operational Programme “Innovation and competitiveness” 2014-2020, procedure „Technological development and innovation“ – BAS-Neopharm Bulgaria Ltd joined project “Innovations and development in Neopharm Bulgaria Ltd; BG16RFOP002-1.005-0150-C01” 2018-2020; Project leader for IM-BAS A. Tchorbanov

Current Projects