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Book Chapters in English monographies:


“Gastropods: Diversity, Habitat and Genetics”. 2011

Nova Science Publishers, Inc.

ISBN: 978-1-61324-695-5

Editors: Andrea M. Bianchi and Jamie N. Fields

Chapter 2: Rapana thomasiana Hemocyanin as a Protein Carrier and Adjuvant of Bacterial and Viral Vaccines”Krassimira Idakieva, Vera Gesheva, Nikolina Mihaylova, Lyuba Doumanova and Andrey Tchorbanov




Book chapters in Bulgarian monographies:


“Physiological autoimmunity or autoagression”, 2002

“Marin Drinov” Аcademic Publishers

ISBN: 954-430-788-5

Editor: Prof. Tchavdar Vassilev




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